Hi Folks! Sales are closed for the season since my inventory is very low and I'm focused on the farming! Check back here in October!

About Us

Hey! My name is Jordan and I've been an organic farmer for ten years. My farm is  called Unearthed Organics, located in Kelowna, British Columbia. 

For years, I ran a pretty typical mixed-veggie market garden, trying to grow lots of diversity for farmers markets, a CSA, and my main focus--working with and supplying the Okanagan Valley's many talented chefs. 

The last couple years, though, I've become especially interested in dry beans, milling corn, and dried/smoked chilies, and have started to devote more of my acreage, and my cooking, to these crops. Here's why:

  • Flavour. For most eaters, these crops hail from industrial agriculture, and can be very old by the time they reach our plates. Eating them fresher--that is, within a year of their harvest, but only after they've been fully ripened in the field, has been a revelation to me and to my customers.

  • Heritage/History. Each of these crops contain hundreds of varieties grown and nurtured across the globe. Every variety has a story to tell, which adds to the fun of growing and eating them. Go here to read about Zolfino Beans, which you can purchase in the store.

  • Evangelism. In Canada, all three of these crops--especially milling corn and beans--need to fire their publicist. Together or separately, they're delicious, but they're a little foreign to too many Canucks, and I'd like to help change that.

  • Nutrition. They're good for us! 

  • Fresh veggies rot! Not right away, but the moment they're harvested, the clock starts ticking. Right about now, growing some shelf-stable products to sell all winter is appealing AF.

Anyway. Out of this budding interest, Brave About Veggies was conceived. Originally I intended to focus on food for your belly, but I soon realized it made sense to also offer seeds for your garden! Corn and beans are seeds, after all, and also: seed production is really cool.

A few more deets, real quick.

  • I don't do this alone. My wife, Vanessa, started the farm business with me, but has since become a very busy midwife. I also have awesome staff. I'll write more about them soon.
  • My organic certification is only valid in British Columbia, for now, as I have a regional certification unique to British Columbia. 
  • I've produced a podcast for farmers and gardeners off and on for years now. It's called The Ruminant...check it out!

Thanks for reading!

Yours in bravery,